Friday, March 11

Teka Teki

1)Burung apakah yang boleh berdiri, boleh baring tetapi tak boleh duduk?
2)Lima pasang stokin direndam di dalam laut merah. Setiap pasang stokin itu berwarna putih, hijau, biru,   kuning dan hitam. Apa akan terjadi kepada semua stokin tersebut?
3)Dalam banyak-banyak kuih, kuih apakah yang orang makan tepinya sahaja? Tengahnya tidak dimakan.
4)Dalam banyak-banyak cecair, cecair apakah yang akan menjadi beku apabila dipanaskan?
5)Kenapa doktor bedah kalau melakukan pembedahan mulutnya ditutup ?
6)Bintang apa yang tidak kepala?
7)Kuda apa yang tidak kaki?
8)Berjalan guna 2 kaki, berhenti sekejap guna 3 kaki, bila berhenti lama guna 4 kaki, siapakah dia?
9)Bas apa yang tidak boleh di undur?
10)Bom apa yang anti pada api?

                2)Stokin tu basah lah…
                3)Kuih Donut
                5)Kalau matanya yang ditutup, dia tak dapat melihat!
                7)Kuda laut

General Knowledge

What does your heart pump?
Which is heavier,gold or silver?
What is H2 0?
How many legs does a butterfly have?
Triton is a moon of which planet?
In which organ of the body is the cerebrum found?
The brain

What do we call the study of birds?


Thursday, March 10

The Fire Specialists

  There was an enormous haystack near a village and several small animals had made their homes in it. Among these were a tortoise, a cobra, a mongoose and a jackal.
One day as these four were enjoying an afternoon chat, the other residents came running to them in a state of panic.
"Our haystack is on fire!" they screamed.
"A fire, is it?" said the tortoise. "Please stay calm. I know a hundred thousand ways of dealing with a fire."
"And I know a thousand ways," said the cobra, modestly.
"As for me, I know only a hundred," said the mongoose,"but they're all tried and trusted methods."
"And you, Sir," said the residents to the jackal. "How many do you know?"
"Only one," said the jackal, sniffing the smoke-laden air. "When the fire is this close there's only one thing to do: run!" And with that he jumped from the haystack and bounded away.
"Stupid creature," sneered the tortoise. "He ran away because he has not studied fire like I or my friends here have. Listen to the first method of escaping a fire..."
But he never got beyond that. A tongue of flame leapt out from the centre of the haystack and consumed him and his two knowledgeable friends. The other animals leapt from the haystack like they had seen the 'stupid' jackal do and ran for their lives.

Safety in Numbers

  A fly was flying around a web but it seemed reluctant to land, so finally the resident spider poked its head out and invited it in.
“No, thank you,” said the fly. “I was looking for other flies but I don’t see any. I only feel safe in a crowd.”
The fly streaked away. Presently, it came across a large number of flies sitting on a large piece of paper.
“Don’t land!” warned a bee flying past. “ It’s flypaper. All those flies are stuck to it!”
“What nonsense,” retorted the fly. “They’re enjoying themselves! See they’re dancing!!”
“They’re not dancing! They’re trying to free themselves!!” yelled the bee, but the fly wasn’t listening.
It settled on the flypaper, and got stuck.

Moral: ‘Safety in Numbers’ may be a good slogan, but it’s not always true.

The Fairest of them all

      An eagle once promised an owl in return for a favour, that he would never ever harm the owl’s chicks.
“But do you know what my chicks look like?” asked the mother owl doubtfully. “How can I be sure that you won’t mistake them for some other bird’s?”
“Well,” said the eagle. “Describe them to me, so that I can recognise them.”
“Actually, they cannot be mistaken for any other bird’s,” said the owl, her chest puffing up with pride. “They are soft, fluffy, and by far the prettiest young ones you could ever see.”
One evening, the eagle came upon a nest filled with screeching fledglings, their red mouths agape. He paused, then thought, “Surely these are not the owl’s chicks. She said they are very beautiful, but these chicks look hideous.” And he swooped down without a second thought and ate them all.
Returning to her nest, the mother owl found it empty save for a few bloodied feathers.
“How could the eagle have forgotten his promise?”she wailed. “I told him my chicks were the most beautiful in the world!”

Moral: Every mother thinks that her own children are the best.
(Adapted from a fable by the 17th-century French writer, Jean de la Fontaine)